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The November - 2021(Report)

Experience Japan conducted an Online event named “The November” from 1st Nov. 2021 - 30 Nov. 2021.

Objective of this event was to make people explore and learn about the uniqueness of Japan and share their thoughts on the same.

With above mentioned objective, we have posted 4 questions on every Monday of the month of November 2021 and ask people to share their thoughts on the same via commenting on our posts.

More than 60 people registered to participate in the event.

We have also announced some gifts for the best answers given by participants.

Question 1 Winner: Madhav Gupta (Gift: Cash Prize 500 INR)

Question 2 Winner: Manshi Singh (Gift: EJ Clock)

Question 3 Winner: Madhav Gupta (Gift: EJ Mug)

Question 4 Winner: Manshi Singh (Gift: EJ Mug)

We congratulate all the winners and hoping that they have learned new things during their participation.

Thank you

Experience Japan

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