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Nihongo Rocks

Developing Japanese Language Teaching & Learning Material

Nihongo Rocks, an initiative by Experience Japan (A Non-Profit Organization), is dedicated to simplifying the Japanese language learning process for both children and adults. Our project encompasses the development of comprehensive educational materials aimed at facilitating easier acquisition of the language.


Our offerings under this project include:

1. Nihongo Rocks A1.1 (Japanese Language Textbook)

2. Nihongo Rocks A1.2 (Japanese Language Textbook)

3. Hiragana Flash Cards

4. Katakana Flash Cards



The Nihongo Rocks - Japanese Language Textbooks cater to the foundational aspects of the language. These texts have been adopted as the primary curriculum by numerous educational institutions and middle/high schools across India, and are also utilized as reference material by various Japanese language educators.


Authored by Mr. Jitender Mehta, President of Experience Japan, these books were first introduced to the Indian market in 2016 and have since been instrumental in promoting Japanese language education.



'Hiragana Flash Cards' and 'Katakana Flash Cards' are designed to support the memorization process of the Japanese kana characters.

These educational tools offer a dynamic approach to learning, allowing students to engage with the material through interactive class activities such as Memory Match, Find the Letter, and Find the Sound.

The utilization of flashcards leverages the testing effect, a psychological phenomenon where memory retention is enhanced when a portion of learning involves active recall of information, complemented by appropriate feedback.

This method not only reinforces knowledge acquisition but also adds an element of fun to the learning experience.

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