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The November - Question 1

Japan is one of the Ideal country to all other nations.

Mention any 1 reason, if you think so.

Please answer in the comment box below after login the website.

Result of this question will be announced on 8 November 2021.

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Japan can be an ideal country because people of Japan focuses on how the can improve themselves in the field of technology .As technology has Became an important part of everyone’s life, we literally can’t imagine a day without technology . In this era any country can win the hearts through out the world by inventing an improved version of technology that can make everyone’s life comfortable . so according to me by focusing on improvement of technology any country can become an ideal country . There is one more factor that makes Japan an ideal country is the literacy rate is higher . It’s really important for a country to have a high literacy rate to be an ide…


japan can be ideal country because of few reasons that are listed below:-

It can manifests in various acts:

  • The cleaning of your own garbage, because you don't want other people to be bothered by it..

  • Keeping the public places clean being part of their duty,

  • Not damaging public property for the sake of emotional satisfaction..

  • Keeping the public toilet super clean for the next user.

  • Maintain your own personal hygiene, since the childhood they've been taught


Japan is an ideal nation to all other nations bacause of its unique culture, diversity and technology. Japan is a bravo country. Since after the worst atomic bomb attack at Hiroshaima and Nagasaki on 6August,1945 , it had been able to stand up with the same courage and enthusiasm. It didn't let the atomic bomb let it down instead it stood with courage and in no time it became a developed nation between 1954-1972.

According to my point of Japan is an ideal nation to all Other nations not only bacause of its unique diversity, culture and technology but also for its bravery, courage and enthusiasm.

It gave inspiration to all the nations that we shouldn't looose hope even if…


Strictly sticking to the question- one reason why I think Japan is ideal country to all other nations is because it is the provider of high-tech experience to the world.

Japan is a fascinating country. From provision of vending machines containing clothes and shoes to E-TAF automatic doors that open shifting according to your body shape, from shinkansen-bullet trains to AI- Artificial Intelligence (Robot Hotel Staff) the japanese incorporate technology in their everyday lives.

It is the most technologically advanced country. Very common example of its technological advancement can be seen in our very own houses also. If we look around in our home atleast one of our home appliances is of a japanese brand. Although, China is its competitor…


Japan is called the land of rising sun. Like it's name it's energy giver country to all other countries. There are so many things which make this country a distinct country but above all the things, discipline is the basic instinct of all individual. The children are given training in the school about cleanliness, practically. Unlike other countries the schools of Japan doesn't pay for any sanitary workers. The children have to stay after school to clean their children. This discipline makes the citizens well behaved in every field of life.They follow so many techniques like 5 S in building their life all set. This 5 S techniques have made from sorting, set in order, shine, standardise, and sustain. Th…

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