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Language Awareness Program & Japanese Language Workshop At Rishikul World Academy Sonepat

‘Experience Japan’ conducted a ‘Language Awareness Program & Japanese Language Workshop' for the teachers of 'Rishikul World Academy Sonepat' from 11 Aug 2021 to 13 Aug 2021 at their premises.

Objective of this program is to spread awareness among teachers regarding benefits of learning additional languages at professional and personal level.

Teachers should have sufficient information and knowledge when they discuss with their students regarding career opportunities or further stream to choose.

Hence, this program is designed in such a way that teachers can get not only ample information regarding benefits of language learning, but also they experience the same by learning a foreign language under Japanese language workshops.

This 6 Hrs long program was conducted in 3 sessions by Mr. Jitender Mehta (President - Experience Japan), accompanied by Mr. Sanjeev Thakur (Advisor - Experience Japan). Duration of each session was 3 Hrs.

33 Teachers of Rishikul World Academy participated in this program and received participation certificates from Experience Japan.

This program was coordinated by Ms. Chanchal (Principal - Rishikul World Academy).

We are grateful to Mr. Neeraj Sharma (Chairperson - RWA), Ms. Reema Sharma (Director RWA) and Ms. Chanchal (Principal - RWA) for giving us the opportunity to interact with their dynamic teaching staff and join us as a partner organization for the session 2021 - 2022.

Looking forward to a long-term association with Rishikul World Academy, Sonepat.

Thank you


Experience Japan


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