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Experience Japan

Olympiad (Online)

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Olympiad 2024

Registrations Open

About The Experience Japan Olympiad

The Experience Japan Olympiad, launched in 2024, is a pioneering online competition designed to deepen global understanding of Japan's multifaceted culture.

This Olympiad invites participants to embark on a comprehensive journey through Japan's rich tapestry of history, language, art, and more.

It aims to foster a nuanced appreciation of Japan's unique contributions to the world, from its iconic landmarks and traditional sports to its influential anime industry. By engaging with various aspects of Japanese society, the Olympiad strives to illuminate the distinct characteristics that forge an ideal society, encouraging a broader, more inclusive perspective of cultural diversity.

The Experience Japan Olympiad 2024

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Judgement Criteria

  1. Highest Marks

  2. Earliest Submission


  1. Winner Awards (1 from each category)

  2. 1st Runner-up (1 from each category)

  3. 2nd Runner-up (1 from each category)

* Participation Certificates (E-Certificates) will be given to all the participants

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