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National Level Essay Writing Competition

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About Essay Writing Competition

The 'National Level Essay Writing Competition' for school children, introduced by 'Experience Japan' in 2021, is an initiative that aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the India-Japan relationship among the younger generation.


This annual event encourages students to delve into the rich cultural tapestry of both nations, highlighting the mutual respect and admiration that have flourished over the years.


Participants are invited to express their insights and learnings about the shared values, historical ties, and collaborative efforts that have shaped the India-Japan bond.


Through this competition, 'Experience Japan' seeks to inspire a dialogue among students about the significance of international relationships and cultural exchange, thereby nurturing informed global citizens who value diversity and harmony.

Number of Participants:

EWC 2024: 2298

EWC 2023: 967

EWC 2022: 740

EWC 2021: 237

Flow Chart of the Event

Step 1:> Dissemination: Schools are required to disseminate competition details and motivate students to participate in the competition.

Step 2:> Registration: Students are required to register online and provide individual details and participation fee payment.

Step 3:> Communication: Our (Experience Japan’s) team will issue a Unique Participation ID and essay submission links to each participant.

Step 4:> Preparation: Participants are required to conduct research on the topic and prepare essays in Hindi or English on the topics provided, adhering to the word limit specified.


Step 5:> Submission: Participants are required to upload the completed essays via the provided link before the deadline of May 7, 2024.

Step 6:> Announcement: Results will be declared on May 30, 2024, and winners will be receiving awards from Experience Japan.

4th National Level Essay Writing Competition 

Registration Open from 1 April 2024 - 7 May 2024

Register Now and Submit your Essay Online by 7 May 2024
Essay Writing Competition 204

Category 1: Primary

For Grade 4 - Grade 5


भारतीयों के बीच जापानी एनिमेशन की लोकप्रियता

Popularity of Japanese Animation among Indians

Word Limit: 250-350 words

Category 2: Junior

For Grade 6 - Grade 8


जापान: संस्कृति और परंपरा की एक चित्र यवनिका

Japan: A Tapestry of Culture and Tradition

Word Limit: 400-500 words

Category 3: Senior

For Grade 9 - Grade 12


भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था के विकास में जापान का योगदान   

Contribution of Japan in the growth of Indian Economy

Word Limit: 500 - 700 words

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Judgement Criteria

  1. Relevance of the theme : - connection & significance of the issue being discussed

  2. Comprehensiveness :- How complete and detailed the writer’s expositions of the topic

  3. Originality : - Uniqueness, Novelty and authenticity of ideas 

  4. Insights: - A fresh way of looking at things, critical view of the subject.


  1. Mega Winners (1 from each category)

  2. Winner Awards (1 from each category)

  3. 1st Runner-up (1 from each category)

  4. 2nd Runner-up (1 from each category)

  5. Consolation Prizes (5 from each category)

* Participation Certificates will be given to all the participants


Details about EWC2024
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Please read carefully.

  1. Scan this QR code to pay the participation fee.

  2. Mention Participant's name in the Remark while making the payment.

  3. Share the screenshot of transaction via WhatApp (+91-8199989876).

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