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Learn Japanese

Japanese Language Courses | Prepare for JLPT

'Learn Japanese' is a project by Experience Japan, introduced in 2011; with the objective to reach maximum people to spread awareness regarding Japanese Language, Japanese Culture, Bonding between Japan and India, Career Opportunities for Japanese Language Professionals.


Till now we have trained more than a thousand people in Japanese language. Many of our students are now working with MNCs in India and abroad and many of the students have 

Under this project, we are offering followings:-

  • Certificate Courses in Japanese Language

  • Classes to prepare JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) - Level N5, N4, N3, N2, N1

  • Japanese Language Workshops

  • Japanese Language Awareness Programs

  • Cultural Workshops

We do conduct these programs/courses at following 3 platforms: 

  1. Online

  2. At FLTCC (Foreign Language Training & Cultural Center) by EJ

  3. At Partner Organizations/Associates' premises 

Japanese Language Courses

Japanese Courses

Professional Japanese

Japanese Calligraphy

This course enables one to attain proficiency in Basic to Advance level of Japanese Language.


This is the best suited course to those who wish to make a career in the field of Japanese language (ie.: Translation / Interpretation / Training / Teaching / BPO / KPO / Banking / Designing etc.), Willing to learn Japanese for their professional growth (higher salary or post / work for foreign desk), who are frequent in dealing with Japanese people, Who are planning for their further study in abroad (Japan), Preparing for JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) - Level N5, N4, N3, N2, N1. 

This course covers all the aspects of Japanese language (Reading, Writing, Listening, Spoken). 

Course Type:       Certificate in Japanese

Registration Fee: 100 INR

Japanese Course A 1.png

Nihongo Rocks

"Nihongo Rocks" is an Fundamental course in Japanese Language, built specifically for children and others who want to get a sense of the language's essence. 


This course covers variety of basic sentence patterns, everyday vocabulary as well as  basic conversations that everybody has in their daily lives, along with the Introduction to Japanese Writing System and a wealth of knowledge about Japan.

This is the only course, which is prescribed by many CBSE schools in India and many Japanese language trainers to teach Japanese.

This course's content empowers our students to speak, read and write Japanese.


Course Type:       Certificate in Japanese

Registration Fee: 100 INR

Japanese Language Text Book (Nihongo Rocks)
Nihongo Rocks Courses.png



"SAKURA" is an 'Introductory Course in Japanese Language', covering basic sentence patterns, vocabulary - which we use in day to day life, Basic information about Japanese life-style, culture and gestures.


Objective of this course, is to make one enable to introduce himself/herself, indicate objects/places, understand Japanese numbers, basics of Japanese grammar and have small conversations of day to day life.


This course is highly recommended to those who are planning a visit to Japan but do not have sufficient time to learn language in a proper way, Those who just want to know basics of gestures/greetings/few words of daily life to please their Japanese customers, Those who just want to taste the uniqueness of an Ideal society and culture.


Course Type:       Certificate in Japanese

Duration:              7 Hrs.

Course Fee:         1500 INR

Registration Fee: 100 INR

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