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The November - Question 4

As we already know, each country has their own believes, system, culture, traditions etc., which are the key factors behind the growth of any nation. And Japan is one of the ideal country to all and India has exchanged lot of ideas to be a developed country.

However, In your opinion, which are all those things which makes Japan to see India as an ideal country to them?

Please note following before you comment:

  1. Do not copy the text from other websites.

  2. Judgement for this question will not be based on only likes and comments. Hence write logically, after doing proper research.

Please answer in the comment box below after login the website. (Please create your ID on the website before you comment or Like the post)

Result of this question will be announced on 29 November 2021.

In case of any query, contact us at +91-9896879722.

Winner Question 3 (The November) - Madhav Gupta

Award for Question 3 : EJ - MUG

We congratulate him for the same.

Thanks & Regards


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