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Japan On Canvas 2022 - Result Announcement and Report

Updated: Feb 3

Experience Japan conducted 8th National Level Painting Competition named Japan On Canvas 2022 from 1 Oct 2022 - 20 Nov 2022.

Objective of this event was to make students learn and explore about bonding between two great nations (India and Japan) and showcase their learning, talent, skills on a canvas.

Themes for the event were:

  • Category 1 - Mt. Fuji and Sakura (Cherry Blossom)

For age Group: 8 - 11 Years

  • Category 2 - Japan-India Friendship

For age Group: 12 - 15 Years

In total 1468 students participated in this competition from the various schools of India (Names are mentioned below:)

Participant Schools/Organizations:-

  1. Amity International School - Gurugram

  2. Amity International School - Noida

  3. Amity International School - Vasundara, Sec 6, Ghaziabad

  4. Apeejay School - Pitampura, Delhi

  5. Army Public School - Bolarum, Secundrabad

  6. Arwachin International School, New Delhi

  7. Bal Bharati Public School Manesar, Gurugram

  8. Bal Bharati Public School - Rohini, Delhi

  9. Campion School - Mumbai

  10. Central Public Sr. Sec. School - Udaipur

  11. Chettinad Vidyashram - Chennai

  12. Creative Hub Institution - Gurugram

  13. DAV Police Public School Panipat

  14. DAV Police Public School Sonipat

  15. DAV Public School, Lawrence Road, Sonipat

  16. DAV Public School Jharsuguda (Odisha)

  17. Delhi Public School GBN

  18. Delhi Public School Bulandshahr

  19. Delhi Public School Gandhinagar

  20. Delhi Public School Greater Faridabad

  21. Delhi Public School Hyderabad

  22. Delhi Public School Jagdalpur

  23. Delhi Public School Jodhpur

  24. Delhi Public School Megacity, Kolkata

  25. Delhi Public School Panipat City

  26. Delhi Public School R.K. Puram, New Delhi

  27. Delhi Public School Rudrapur (Uttarakhand)

  28. Delhi Public School Sonepat

  29. Delhi Public School Surat (Gujarat)

  30. Delhi Public School Vasant Vihar, New Delhi

  31. Delhi Public School Warangal

  32. Delhi Public School Knowledge Park - V, (Greater Noida West)

  33. Gurukul The School - Ghazaiabad

  34. Holy Heart Presidency School - Amritsar

  35. Jagran Public School - Noida

  36. Jaycees Public School - Rudrapur

  37. Kanya Kubja Public School Kanpur

  38. Mahatama Mont. Mat. Hr. Sec. School - Madurai

  39. Mayo College Girls School - Ajmer

  40. Mody School - Lakshmangarh

  41. Ramagya School - Greater Noida

  42. Rishikul World Academy, Sonepat

  43. Ryan International School - Greater Noida

  44. Ryan International School - Nirman Nagar, Jaipur

  45. Ryan International School - Rohini, Delhi

  46. S.D. Adarsh Public School - Gurugram

  47. S.N.D.T. College of Arts & SCB College of Comm. & Sci. for Women

  48. Sacred Heart School - Jhumri Telaiya

  49. School of Scholars - Akola

  50. Surendranath Centenary School - Ranchi

  51. Tagore International School - Vasant Vihar

  52. The Heritage School - Kolkata

  53. The Hyderabad Public School

  54. The Millennium School - Patiala

  55. The Modern School ECNCR - Sonepat

  56. The Scindia School, Fort Gwalior

  57. The Sovereign School - Delhi

  58. Vikash Techno School - Jharsuguda

  59. VSPK International School - Rohini, Delhi

  60. Yadavindra Public School - Mohali

  61. Yadavindra Public School - Patiala

  62. Yaduvanshi Shiksha Niketan - Hansi

All of the participants performed extremely well. However, as this was a competition, so we had to shortlist some of the artwork.

Hereby, we are gladly announcing the TOP 200 (100 each category) shortlisted artworks, to give prizes.



Category 1


  1. Adarsh Dash (Vikash Techno School - Jharsuguda)


  1. Gurbaaz Singh (Yadavindra Public School - Mohali)

  2. Sritma Majumdar (DAV Police Public School Panipat)

  3. Trisha Singh (Delhi Public School Bulandshahr)

  4. Maira Rishi (Delhi Public School Greater Faridabad)

  5. Rushdah Imam (Surendranath Centenary School - Ranchi)

  6. Ishi Gupta(The Hyderabad Public School)

  7. Rishavpreet Singh (The Millennium School - Patiala)

  8. Ronak Varshney (Amity International School - Vasundhra 6)

  9. Kayna Aggarwal (DAV Public School - Amritsar)

  10. Dravya Mevada (Delhi Public School Gandhinagar)

  11. Sanat Mishra (Delhi Public School Jagdalpur)

  12. Trisha Singh (Delhi Public School Knowledge Park - V)

  13. Anika Garg (Delhi Public School Panipat City)

  14. Vansh Tyagi (Jagran Public School - Noida)

  15. Viraj Dhotre (School of Scholars - Akola)

Out-Standing Performance Award Winners (Cat - I)

  1. Kiara Jain (Amity International School - Vasundhra 6)

  2. Riddhi Goyal (Amity International School - Vasundhra 6)

  3. Sana Kapoor (Apeejay School - Pitampura, New Delhi)

  4. Vridhi Sanpal (Arwachin International School - New Delhi)

  5. Adira Gupta (Delhi Public School Greater Faridabad)

  6. Tanishka Rohilla (Jagran Public School - Noida)

  7. Atharv Tyagi (S.D. Adarsh Public School - Gurugram)

  8. Ayushi (Sacred Heart School - Koderma)

  9. Om Kumar Prajapati (Surendranath Centenary School - Ranchi)

  10. Paridhi Rupnoor (The Hyderabad Public School)

  11. Akshara (Rishikul World Academy - Sonipat)

  12. Ishika (DAV Police Public School Panipat)

  13. Bhavna Kalra (Delhi Public School Greater Faridabad)

  14. Radhya Reddy C (Delhi Public School Hyderabad)

  15. Anwesh Das (Delhi Public School Pal Road, Jodhpur)

  16. Kaashvi Gulati (Delhi Public School Panipat City)

  17. Harsimranjit Singh (Holy Heart Presidency School - Amritsar)

  18. Nimrat Deep Kaur (Holy Heart Presidency School - Amritsar)

  19. Adi Jaiswal (Jagran Public School - Noida)

  20. Kasturi Hembram (Amity International School - Vasundhra 6)

  21. Aarchi Agarwal (Creative Hub Institution)

  22. Kashvi Sachdeva (Delhi Public School Sonepat)

  23. Tavisha (Rishikul World Academy - Sonipat)

  24. Yajnash Bandyopadhyay (The Heritage School - Kolkata)

  25. Asmi Sharma (V.S.P.K. International School - Rohini, Delhi)

Extra-Ordinary Performance Award Winners (Cat - I)

  1. Ayan Rai (Delhi Public School Pal Road, Jodhpur)

  2. Parnitha Yerra (Delhi Public School Hyderabad)

  3. Tushar Saini (S.D. Adarsh Public School - Gurugram)

  4. Pratixa Kala (Vikash Techno School - Jharsuguda)

  5. Kavya Agrawal (Delhi Public School Greater Faridabad )

  6. Kailash Sai Kadiyala (Delhi Public School Hyderabad)

  7. Rishit Agarwal (Delhi Public School Hyderabad)

  8. Lavisha Khandelwal (Delhi Public School Pal Road, Jodhpur)

  9. Vasudev Chugh (Delhi Public School Panipat City)

  10. Inaaya Yadav (Mayo College Girls School - Ajmer)

  11. Siddharth Gullapalli (Delhi Public School Hyderabad)

  12. Aaron George Pitta (Delhi Public School Hyderabad)

  13. Sai Sanvi Reddy D (Delhi Public School Hyderabad)

  14. Sri Bahul (Delhi Public School Hyderabad)

  15. Vihaan Sinha (Delhi Public School Hyderabad)

  16. Prithwijit Sanyal (Delhi Public School Megacity, Kolkata)

  17. Shreyansh (Delhi Public School Pal Road, Jodhpur)

  18. S. Sujan (Mahama Mont. Mat. Sr. Sec. School - Madurai)

  19. Aarav (Surendranath Centenary School - Ranchi)

  20. Reyansh Sah Gupta (V.S.P.K. International School - Rohini, Delhi)

  21. Sarthak Ghosh (Delhi Public School Knowledge Park - V)

  22. Kumud (Yaduvanshi Shiksha Niketan - Hansi)

  23. Sahana Prasanna (Creative Hub Institution)

  24. Aaradhya Batra (DAV Public School - Amritsar)

  25. Bisman Bir Kaur (DAV Public School - Amritsar)

  26. Harnoor Kaur (DAV Public School - Amritsar)

  27. Ruhani Sharma (DAV Public School - Amritsar)

  28. Aashi Kumar (Delhi Public School Hyderabad)

  29. K. Prakruti Naidu (Army Public School - Bolarum, Secunderabad)

  30. Gorma (Ryan International School - Greater Noida)

  31. Abhinav Kumar (Sacred Heart School - Koderma)

  32. Nirvi Yadav (The Sovereign School - Delhi)

  33. Aastha Aggarwal (Amity International School - Vasundhra 6)

  34. Vincy Bansal (Amity International School - Vasundhra 6)

  35. Maisha Gupta (Apeejay School - Pitampura, New Delhi)

  36. Akira Bhaumik (Army Public School Bolarum - Secundrabad)

  37. Aadya (Arwachin International School - New Delhi)

  38. Manya Bansal (Arwachin International School - New Delhi)

  39. Yuthika Sarkar (Bal Bharati Public School - Manesar)

  40. Mariyam Samar (Central Public School - Udaipur)

  41. Rishit Sharma (Central Public Sr. Sec. School - Udaipur)

  42. S. Krishanth (Chettinad Vidyashram, Chennai)

  43. V. Sai Ashurin (Chettinad Vidyashram, Chennai)

  44. Gunashruthi Arun (Chettinad Vidyashram, Chennai)

  45. Tanya Sharma (Delhi Public School Greater Faridabad)

  46. Chaarvi Kachhwaha (Delhi Public School Pal Road, Jodhpur)

  47. Trisha Garg (V.S.P.K. International School - Rohini, Delhi)

  48. Twarita Singh (Army Public School Bolarum - Secundrabad)

  49. N. Gnana Sri (Delhi Public School Hyderabad)

  50. Avishi Dua (DAV Public School - Amritsar)

Consolation Award Winners (Cat - I)

  1. Shayor Thakurta (Creative Hub Institution)

  2. P. Yashawini (Army Public School Bolarum - Secundrabad)

  3. Aadya Kalra (Delhi Public School Knowledge Park - V)

  4. Rashish Garg (Delhi Public School Greater Faridabad)

  5. Sadhana (Delhi Public School Knowledge Park - V)

  6. Mst. Divyansh Bhojak (Ryan International School - Nirman Nagar, Jaipur)

  7. Aanya Jain (V.S.P.K. International School - Rohini, Delhi)

  8. Dhra (DAV Police Public School Sonepat)

  9. Atharv Bajaj (Delhi Public School Gautam Budh Nagar, Noida)



Category 2


  1. Anvi Panda (Delhi Public School - Rudrapur)


  1. Abhinna Das (Delhi Public School Jodhpur)

  2. Arunima Mishra (Jaycees Public School - Rudrapur)

  3. Hannah Kapoor (Delhi Public School Sonepat)

  4. Kojagori Dey (Delhi Public School Hyderabad)

  5. Kritika Rathaur (Ryan International School - Greater Noida)

  6. Maahi L Surana (Delhi Public School Surat)

  7. Manishka Goyal (Amity International School - Noida)

  8. Sania Mirza (Ryan International School - Greater Noida)

  9. Siddhi Mohapatra (DAV Public School - Jharsuguda)

  10. Adeenaa Malik (Amity International School - Vasundhra 6)

  11. Atharva Dhawale (School of Scholars - Akola)

  12. Milinda Angel (Yadavindra Public School - Mohali)

  13. Vanya Mall (Delhi Public School Hyderabad)

  14. Vaibhav Rao (Holy Heart Presidency School - Amritsar)

  15. Zaid Aftab (Surendranath Centenary School - Ranchi)

Out-Standing Performance Award Winners (Cat - II)

  1. Anshika Pal (Jycees Public School - Rudrapur)

  2. Briti Ahuja (Delhi Public School Greater Faridabad)

  3. Iram Asif Shaikh (S.N.D.T. College of Arts - Mumbai)

  4. Kashvi Kothari (Delhi Public School Surat)

  5. Mohak Mehta (Delhi Public School Surat)

  6. Neelanjana Maggo (Delhi Public School R.K. Puram - New Delhi)

  7. Pranjali Paliwal (Jagran Public School - Noida)

  8. Priya Walke (School of Scholars - Akola)

  9. Resham Ali (Kanya Kubja Public School - Kanpur)

  10. Saya Sharma (Delhi Public School Sonepat)

  11. Shabeena (Modern School ECNCR - Sonipat)

  12. Suhani (Jagran Public School - Noida)

  13. Tejas Kaur Shergill (Yadavindra Public School - Patiala)

  14. Anvi Sood (DAV Public School - Amritsar)

  15. Arunima Singh (Delhi Public School Greater Faridabad)

  16. Aryan (Yaduvanshi Shiksha Niketan - Hansi)

  17. Jiya Beniwal (Delhi Public School Panipat City)

  18. Kavya Pandit (Gurukul The School - Ghaziabad)

  19. Navya Chourasia (Delhi Public School Knowledge Park - V)

  20. Prajukta Manik (Delhi Public School Hyderabad)

  21. Raghav Goel (DAV Police Public School Panipat)

  22. Rutuja Kasale (S.N.D.T. College of Arts - Mumbai)

  23. Aanya Garg (Delhi Public School Panipat City)

  24. Minakshi Jaiswal (Jagran Public School - Noida)

  25. Nimrat (DAV Public School - Amritsar)

Extra-Ordinary Performance Award Winners (Cat - II)

  1. Aarushi Garg (Ryan International School - Rohini, Delhi)

  2. Aashee Jha (Amity International School - Vasundhra 6)

  3. Abhipsa.D. Pandey (Vikash Techno School - Jharsuguda)

  4. Anika Gupta (Delhi Public School Pal Road, Jodhpur)

  5. Antareep Mukherjee (Delhi Public School Megacity - Kolkata)

  6. Aryana Pal (The Heritage School - Kolkata)

  7. Lavanya Balwani (Delhi Public School Sonepat)

  8. M. Mohammed Saajith (Mahama Mont. Mat. Sr. Sec. School - Madurai)

  9. Manika Pandey (Gurukul The School - Ghaziabad)

  10. Manya (Delhi Public School Greater Faridabad)

  11. Paarth Sanghvi (Campion School - Mumbai)

  12. Priyanshi (DAV Public School - Amritsar)

  13. Rajeev Bisht (Delhi Public School - Rudrapur)

  14. Sidharth (S.D. Adarsh Public School - Gurugram)

  15. Vinay Kumar Nath (Delhi Public School Gautam Budh Nagar, Noida)

  16. Aaliyah Sengupta (Delhi Public School Hyderabad)

  17. Aditi Hadole (School of Scholars - Akola)

  18. Avni Mishra (Yadavindra Public School - Patiala)

  19. Dhairya Agarwal (V.S.P.K. International School - Rohini, Delhi)

  20. Gauri Mishra (S.D. Adarsh Public School - Gurugram)

  21. Gurpreet Kaur (Bal Bharati Public School - Rohini, Delhi)

  22. Harniwaz Singh Gill (DAV Public School - Amritsar)

  23. Hemant Kushwaha (DAV Public School - Jharsuguda)

  24. M.K. Harshini (Mahama Mont. Mat. Sr. Sec. School - Madurai)

  25. Mahira Seth (DAV Public School - Amritsar)

  26. Moulik Bisht (Jaycees Public School - Rudrapur)

  27. Noor Arora (Apeejay School Pitampura, Delhi)

  28. Priyanshi Parekh (DAV Public School - Amritsar)

  29. Rajvee Agrawal (School of Scholars - Akola)

  30. Reet Ramnani (Mody School - Lakshmangarh)

  31. Ritika (Delhi Public School Pal Road, Jodhpur)

  32. Sana (Holy Heart Presidency School - Amritsar)

  33. Sanvi Sharma (Ramagya School - Greater Noida)

  34. Shaiza Javed (Delhi Public School Gautam Budh Nagar, Noida)

  35. Sharanya Pandhi (DAV Public School - Amritsar )

  36. Vaniya Passi (DAV Public School - Amritsar)

  37. Vanshika Khurana (Delhi Public School - Rudrapur)

  38. Vasumathi . S (Army Public School Bolarum - Secundrabad)

  39. Aaditya Garg (Amity International School - Sec 46, Gurgaon)

  40. Agamya (Delhi Public School Panipat City)

  41. Delisha Vaid (Delhi Public School Gandhinagar)

  42. Divya Singh (Ramagya School - Greater Noida)

  43. Gaurika Chauhan (Jagran Public School - Noida)

  44. Gurteshwar Singh (Yadavindra Public School - Mohali)

  45. Jooba Arifa Saifi (Ramagya School - Greater Noida)

  46. Milind Chauhan (Delhi Public School Knowledge Park - V)

  47. Pulkit Soni (Sacred Heart School - Koderma)

  48. Somnath Pachal (Surendranath Centenary School - Ranchi)

  49. Sushil Kumar Sinha (The Scindia School, Fort, Gwalior)

  50. Vartika Arora (Delhi Public School Greater Faridabad)

Consolation Award Winners (Cat - II)

  1. Subhanika Bose (Delhi Public School Pal Road, Jodhpur)

  2. Aaradhya Yadav (Ryan International School - Rohini, Delhi)

  3. Akshara Kumawat (Central Public School - Udaipur)

  4. Arshiya Goel (Delhi Public School Sonepat)

  5. Jaskirat Singh (Delhi Public School - Rudrapur)

  6. Avita Agrawal (Delhi Public School Knowledge Park - V)

  7. Limisha (Ramagya School - Greater Noida)

  8. M. Lakshmi (Chettinad Vidyashram, Chennai)


We congratulate all the awards winners and wish all the participants best for their future.

Top 32 (Mega Winner and Winners') Artworks will be exhibited in various galleries.

Schedule for Exhibitions:

Exhibition 1 :- 16 Dec. 2022 - 23 Dec. 2022

Venue: The Japan Foundation

5A, Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi

Japan On Canvas 2022 - Painting Exhibition Inauguration at Japan Foundation New Delhi by Experience Japan

This exhibition was inaugurated with a Ribbon Cutting and A Lamp Lightning Ceremony by Ms. Suprabha Jha (A Social Entrepreneur, a Coach, a Trainer and an Author from Dehradun. We are grateful to her for sparing her precious time to launch this exhibition.

We are also thankful to our special Guests Ms. Aoi Ishimaru (Director - Art & Culture Exchange), Dr. Ranjan Kumar (A Renowned Musicians), Mr. Prince Sharma (From Embassy of Canada and an advisor to Experience Japan), Mr. Rakesh Sharma (Subject Expert - CBSE and HOD Ryan International School), Prof. Mohit Bhatnagar (Gateway Education), Ms. Arti (Artist and Jury - JOC 2022), Mr. Sunil Sharma (Backpackers & Travelers of India), Ms. Reena Rai (Founder - Trans Queen - India) for their kind presence and sharing their valuable thoughts with us.

This inauguration ceremony was witnessed by Ms. Seema Shukla (Coordinator-DPS Knowledge Park V), Mr. Ram Nivas, Ms. Sangeeta, Mr. Jitender (French Language Expert), Ms. Priyanka (Volunteer - EJ), Ms. Priyam, Ms. Dolly, Mr. Gaurav Singhal.

Exhibition was ON till 23rd December 2022 and more than 500 people visited the gallery and appreciated the students' efforts.

Following schools also visited the gallery: