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Japan On Canvas 2014 - National Level Painting Competition

Experience-Japan organized a national level painting competition for school students in the month of July-August, 2014. This competition held for 2 categories. Theme for category I was “Seasons of Japan” and 7 years to 10 years old students participated in this category. Themes for category II was “Traditional Japan”.

Mr. Seijiro Hirohama and Mr. Honda visiting JOC 2014 - Exhibition Gallery

Following schools participated in this competition:

DPS R.K. Puram, DPS Bhilai, DPS Hyderabad, DPS-Sushantlok, DPS Bulandshahr, DPS-Bokaro, DPS Gwalior, Amity International School-Vasundhra, Bal Bharti Public School – Pitam Pura, Bal Bharti Public School-Sec. 12-Dwarka, Bal Bharti Public School-Manesar, D.A.V. Public School-Karnal, Mount Litera Zee School-Allahabad, G.D. Goenka International School-Surat (Gujrat), G.D. Goenka International School-Indirapuram, The Millennium School-Karnal, The Millennium School-Nagpur, Delhi Public School-Sonepat, Mount Litera Zee School-Meerut, R.N. Podar School-Mumbai, Mount Litera Zee School-Moga (Punjab), Arwachin International School-New Delhi, Mount Litera Zee School-Manikonda (Hyderabad), Amity International School-Vasundhra, Wisdom World School-Kurukshetra, S.B. P. Vidya Mandir

In total we received 610 paintings.

Our Jury team selected best 30 paintings from all those 610 paintings and exhibited at ‘THE JAPAN FOUNDATION-NEW DELHI’ from 18 October 2014 – 1 November 2014.

Top 30 Painters are:

Category – 1

  1. Jhalak Sawhney - DPS Sonepat

  2. Swarnim Kiran - Amity International School-Vasundhra, Ghaziabad

  3. V. Niharika - Chitrakala Academy -Coimbatore

  4. Sumit Chugh - Bal Bharti Public School-Sec.12, Dwarka

  5. Shubha - Bal Bharti Public School-Sec.12, Dwarka

  6. Sugun - Bal Bharti Public School-Sec.12, Dwarka

  7. Neha Solanki - DPS Bulandshahar

  8. Harsh Raghav - DPS Bulandshahar

  9. Krisha - R.N. Podar School (C.B.S.E.)-Mumbai

  10. M.K. Haramba Gowri - Chithrakala Academy-Coimbatore

  11. M.K. Sudarshan - Chithrakala Academy-Coimbatore

  12. Sruthi S - Chithrakala Academy-Coimbatore

  13. S.Lalith Mohan - Chithrakala Academy-Coimbatore

  14. Prisha Jhaveri - G.D. Goenka International School-Surat

  15. Tanisha Bhikhan - Arwachin International School

Category – 2

  1. Arya D. Manchekar - R.N. Podar School (C.B.S.E.)-Mumbai

  2. Twisha Sahay - R.N. Podar School (C.B.S.E.)-Mumbai

  3. Ariana Gupta - R.N. Podar School (C.B.S.E.)-Mumbai

  4. Vaibhav . B - DPS-Hyderabad

  5. Parinita Sharma - Arwachin International School

  6. Rishi Kaushik - Arwachin International School

  7. Nancy Rustogi - Arwachin International School

  8. Muskurahat Bajaj - Bal Bharti Public School-Pitampura, Delhi

  9. Ishpriya Gupta - DPS R.K. Puram

  10. Sanya Khatri - DPS Sonepat

  11. Tanish Ranjan - DPS Bokaro

  12. Aryan Bhardwaj - Wisdom World School-Kurukshetra

  13. Bhawna Sharma - Wisdom World School-Kurukshetra

  14. Isha Chandrakar - DPS-Bhilai

  15. Simran - Wisdom World School-Kurukshetra

More than 130 people visited this exhibition and praised all paintings.

On 1st November 2014, we organized ‘Valedictory and Prize Distribution Ceremony’ at ‘Japan Foundation’ and invited all top 30 painters there.

This ceremony has been chaired by our special guests ‘Mr. Seijiro Hirohama (Managing Director – Hirohama India Pvt. Ltd.)’ and ‘Mr. Kojiro Honda (M.D.- Kuuraku India Pvt. Ltd.) as chief guests.

We announced the final result of the competition and all winners has been awarded by our honorable guests.   

Final Result

Category 1

1st Position:         Neha Solanki (DPS Bulandshahar)

2nd Position:        Sumit Chugh (Bal Bharti Public School- Dwarka )

3rd Position :       V. Niharika (Chitrakala Academy- Coimbatore)

Consolation:       Jhalak Sawhney (DPS Sonepat)

Consolation:       Swarnim Kiran (Amity International School-Ghaziabad)

Category 2

1st Position:         ARYA (R.N. PODAR School-Mumbai)

2nd Position:        Muskurahat Bajaj (Bal Bharti Public School-Pitampura)

3rd Position :       Parinita Sharma (Arwachin International School)

Consolation:       Vaibhav (DPS Hyderabad)

Consolation:       Ishpriya Gupta (DPS R.K. PURAM)    


This event ended with a Japanese song ‘Shiawasenara’ sung by ‘Mr. Krandeep Singla’ and ‘Mr. Gabriel’ from ‘RAAH’.


We are very thankful to our all supporters for making this event successful.


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