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Inauguration - The Japan Exhibition - 1st Art Gallery @ Sonipat

Experience Japan unveiled its EJ Art Gallery in Sonepat on August 08, 2022. Ms Mami Imoto and Ms Yuki Hamochi from Japan inaugurated the Japan Exhibition. Mr. Jitender Mehta, President of Experience Japan, Ms. Kritika, FLTCC English language instructor welcomed them and had an interactive session on the language and cultural activities by Experience Japan. The guests were then led to the gallery for the ribbon-cutting ceremony. The ceremony received a big round of applause from all the attendees. Ms. Mami praised the paintings as being lovely and heartfelt.

Certificates for the Japanese Language Course offered at Experience Japan were handed out to the students who had successfully completed the course.

Mr. Mehta, Ms Srishti Dahiya, Japanese Language student and many others had an engaging conversation with Ms Imoto and Ms Hamochi about the cultures of the two countries and Japanese language.

The Experience Japan Art Gallery in Sonepat, Haryana, is the first of its kind. Some of the most impressive works of art on Japanese culture, Mt Fuji, cherry blossom, Japanese ceremonies, etc, were exhibited to the visitors. Mr. Mehta stated that the proceeds from the auction would be utilised to purchase school supplies for children from underprivileged families. Mr. Mehta also presented the visitors a gift as a token of love and gratitude as the event came to a close.

The Experience Japan Gallery is now open to everyone as of August 09, 2022.

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