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Interactive Session at G.V.M. Sr. Sec. School

Interactive Session at G.V.M. Sr. Sec. School
Interactive Session at G.V.M. Sr. Sec. School

Executive Summary:

'Experience Japan' successfully conducted an enlightening interactive session titled "Japan's Role in the Progressive India" at G.V.M. Sr. Sec. School - Sonipat, on 7th February 2024. The event was marked by enthusiastic participation from students and insightful discussions, reflecting the growing interest in the symbiotic relationship between Japan and India.



The session was aimed at educating the youth about Japan's influence and contributions to India's development. It served as a platform for cultural exchange and understanding the dynamics of Japan-India relations.


Session Overview:

The event commenced with a welcome note by Madam Gakhad, who emphasized the importance of international dialogue in education. 'Experience Japan' representatives introduced various aspects of Japanese culture, technology, and their integration into Indian society.


Student Participation:

Students engaged actively, showcasing their knowledge on India and Japan. The Q&A segment allowed students to explore topics such as Japan's investment in Indian infrastructure and advancements in robotics and automation.



The session concluded on a high note, with 'Experience Japan' expressing gratitude towards Madam Gakhad and G.V.M. Sr. Sec. School for the opportunity to engage with young minds. The event was a significant step towards nurturing future leaders aware of the global landscape and India's role within it.


Feedback and Future Sessions:

Feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing a newfound interest in Japan. 'Experience Japan' plans to conduct similar sessions across various schools to broaden this initiative.



Special thanks to Madam Gakhad for her support and to the students of G.V.M. Sr. Sec. School for their active contributions, making the session a resounding success.


About 'Experience Japan':

'Experience Japan' is an initiative dedicated to promoting Japanese culture and fostering international relationships through educational programs.


This report encapsulates the essence of the session and the vibrant interaction between 'Experience Japan' and the students, highlighting the importance of such cultural and educational exchanges in today's interconnected world.

G.V.M. Sr. Sec. School

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