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Hinamatsuri (ひなまつり) - The Doll's Festival

Hinamatsuri (ひなまつり ー 雛祭り)is also called 'Doll's Festival' or 'Girls' Day/Festival' in Japan, which is celebrated every year on 3rd day of March.

Ornamental dolls (Hina Ningyō) - representing the Emperor, Empress, Attendants and Musicians in traditional dress of the Hein Period are used to display on a platform - covered by red cloth.

During Hinamatsuri, girls hold parties with their friends.

Traditionally, the dolls were supposed to be put away by the day after Hinamatsuri. It is believed by some people that, leaving the dolls any longer, will result in a late marriage for the daughter. However, some families may leave them up for the entire month of March.


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